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About Us

Bridges Palliative Care was founded in 2014 by Dr. Erik Soiferman. A board certified internist and hospice/palliative care physician, Dr. Soiferman recognized the need for continued palliative care in the post-acute and home settings. By establishing Bridges Palliative Care, Dr. Soiferman aimed to be able to provide continuity of across the spectrum to patients with chronic illnesses who needed education, advanced care planning, symptom management, other medical, and psycho-social concerns met due to any multiple barriers to care in their situation.

In the early days, palliative care was in its infancy. Regularly associated and used interchangeably with hospice care, palliative care struggled to differentiate itself as its own specialty of medicine. Over a few years, it became obvious that there was a large number of patients who were suffering from chronic illness, multiple hospitalizations and admissions to rehabilitation centers. These people did not qualify for hospice care but needed an extra layer of support. Out of this need, palliative care has become the answer.

As palliative care became more recognized, Bridges Palliative Care was re-invigorated and began to expand its footprint. Now serving people living with chronic conditions in the acute, long-term care, subacute and home-based settings in multiple counties across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Bridges Palliative Care stands on the forefront of being a leading provider of independent palliative care services to patients and families in need.


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