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Home and Community Based Palliative Care

Transforming Care to Meet Patients Where They Are

A community based approach to palliative care means meeting patients where they are-which is often in their home based setting. Palliative care is delivered by an interdisciplinary team with ongoing supervision by a board-certified doctor.  We have the time that primary care providers often wish they had but currently lack in most health models. At Bridges Palliative Care, we take the time to meet with patients and their family or caregivers to have complex conversations about their disease and its progression so we can help them live their best quality of life and they can make the best decisions for their health.

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies cover palliative care services, which would be seen as specialist coverage.

Care delivery and what to expect:

We connect with patients and their caregivers through a virtual platform (telehealth) to discuss their concerns and identify their needs without the worry of going to the doctor’s office. We involve the primary care providers every step of the way, through communication and co-management. Our role is to provide an extra layer of support, knowing these patients often require more engagement than what primary care providers are able to offer.


Your home based palliative care support can help:

  • Provide relief from pain and other symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, anxiety and more
  • Coordinate care with your other health care providers
  • Offer you and your loved ones emotional support
  • Manage your illness at home to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital
  • Assist you with decisions regarding your care through advance care planning
  • Connect you with community resources
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