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Picture it: you’ve seen your primary care physician; they referred you to a nephrologist to treat a diabetic or kidney issue. Did they mention palliative care and how it can benefit you? The answer is usually no.
People living with various kidney diseases, even those who are doing well, often have a poor quality of life. Palliative care provided by a physician or Nurse Practitioner, focuses on easing the physical symptoms you may experience, assisting you with the emotional distress experienced by many patients, and also providing an extra layer of support to your family or caregivers.
A palliative care consult should happen as soon as you receive your diagnosis. The palliative care team takes extra time to understand what is important to you. We help you understand the progression of your disease and all of your available treatment options. Having all of the necessary information can help you meet your goals. Our specialists can help you and your family build a treatment plan that makes sense to you. Adding palliative medicine to your care team early on allows us to establish a trusting relationship with you to help understand your goals so that you are prepared and feel supported when your symptoms become more severe. Your kidney specialist will focus on preventing the progression of your kidney disease. The palliative care team will focus on improving the day-to-day quality of your life.
Palliative care works along side your primary care physician, specialists and is available at any age and any stage of your disease. It can be provided alongside all of your other treatments and is covered by most insurances. To learn more email us at info@bridgespaliati.wpenginepowered.com or visit our website at www.bridgespalliativecare.com