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We often ask health care providers: what is your perception of palliative care? Or how have you historically used palliative care? Many times, the answer is in the realm of it has been used for patients who aren’t ready for hospice. If this is you, you are not alone! One of the greatest barriers to implementing palliative care in a patients care team is referring providers not understanding palliative care. Palliative Care clinicians provide assistance in treating complex symptoms, offer extra emotional and psychosocial support, and the opportunity to discuss and establish your treatment goals. Our professional team works collaboratively with all of the patient’s healthcare providers to provide the best quality of life.

So, what is palliative care? Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with chronic health conditions. It’s important to know palliative care can be initiated at any stage of an illness. We provide the biggest impact when we meet patients earlier in this journey, before they are in a time of crisis. Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance providers cover palliative care services, which is viewed as a specialist coverage. 

When is it time to make a referral for palliative care? If a patient or family member meets any of the following criteria, it’s appropriate to make a referral to Bridges Palliative Care to evaluate their best options:

  • Chronic health conditions such as heart failure, respiratory disease, cancer, dementia, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS, stroke
  • Recent or frequent hospitalizations
  • Increased assistance with ADL’s
  • Family in need of more support or caregiver breakdown
  • Goals of care discussions
  • Advance care planning


Studies have shown that patients who received palliative care had better outcomes for quality of life, anxiety, depression and spiritual well-being when compared to patients who did not receive palliative care. To have your questions answered on if palliative care is right for your patient, call Bridges Palliative Care at 267-422-8240 or email us at info@bridgespaliati.wpenginepowered.com