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Advance Care Planning. It’s something that impacts everyone, but how many people have meaningful conversations surrounding it? According to a national survey conducted by The Conversation Project, more than 90% of people think it’s important to talk about their loved ones and their own wishes for end-of-life care, however, less than 30% of people actually do talk about it.

Advance care planning is beyond a legal document. It’s a process that reviews your individual medical conditions, healthcare goals, and hopes for care. When you put all of that together, it comes down to focusing on the quality of your life. A palliative care nurse practitioner will focus on symptom management, explanation of the disease process, and interventions to promote the emotional well being of patients and their families. Think about some questions that could be asked, how would you or your loved one answer them?

  • What activities bring me joy in life?
  • How can I stay connected with people in a more meaningful way?
  • What steps can I take to improve my health on a daily basis?
  • How do I want the end of my life to look?

The Bridges Palliative Care team is here to help people discuss and asses their wishes. This brings peace of mind to both individuals and families. Without these vital conversations, there can be confusion, conflict and guilt in high stress situations. To learn more about how we can help individuals, medical providers and healthcare facilities, contact us at info@bridgespaliati.wpenginepowered.com or 267-422-8240.